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Searching for a Knowledgeable Grub Exterminator in Odessa, TX?

The Best Grub Defense in Texas

Hurt Exterminating can ensure that your garden, lawn, and tree lines always look lovely and that your landscaping is always inviting with our specialty grub exterminator services. These little pests burrow into your landscaping and can make small divots and holes in your lawn. They’re unsightly and can eat the roots of your plants, vegetables, and flowers. Enjoy the best looking lawn on the block with professional grub control services from Hurt Exterminating. We can take care of clients in Gardendale, Midland, Odessa, Stanton, West Odessa, and other surrounding Texas communities.

A Partnership for Healthier Lawns & Trees

As a professional pest control company, the team at Hurt Exterminator will apply pesticides directly into cracks, crevices, and voids in the earth where grubs hide which is what works best. The technician will then treat the next best place which is the travel routes between where grubs hide and where they find food and water. We are clear about what results to expect, both short and long term, and the need for follow-up service if necessary. You’ll enjoy transparent, affordable, and effective grub control services to protect your trees, shrubs, and lawn when you partner with Hurt Exterminating.